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30 Second Ads provides the most powerful and targeted location based advertising platform 

available today. As a result of high level consumer demand, business owners need the flexibility to adjust 

campaigns as market conditions change. Aggressive strategies become increasingly more important and 

having the ability to integrate services (such as social media) is critical in order to achieve maximum ROI. 


30 Second Ads places high definition digital advertising monitors in high traffic locations 

that have sitting and/or waiting areas. We display static and video advertisements.


  • Ads are silent and dynamic 

  • Ads feature 3-5 different frames with pictures, logos and bullets

  • Monitors are 40” to 60” or custom sizes 

  • Advertising & Content all day long (un-interrupted)

  • Minimum guarantee of air time every hour of every business day 

  • Digital screens run an average of 10 hours per day per location 


Our simple pricing matrix makes it easy for advertisers by keeping their cost low and their impression value

high. For example, if a screen sells out at 50%, the advertiser automatically receives double the impression 

value at the same cost.  This removes ad “ranking” and promotes equality and success for all clients throughout the network. 


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