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Every business needs exposure, some need it locally and others need it nationally.  Regardless, controlling cost is a critical factor in succeess. The ability to target customers by geography as well as demographic statistics is vital to the success of any campaign.

30 Second Ads offers businesses the flexibility to keep up to date with the ever changing trends of consumers within the target audience. 

Our billboard Ads are presented on 40-60" LED displays that utilize "Smart Technology" to display the ads.  We use "Eye Catching" content that vibrantly shows static advertisements, as well as videos. This visually stimulating form of advertising will positively impact any campaign at a fraction of the cost of traditional billboard marketing efforts and with complete camparative cost visibility. 

Digital out-of-home advertising reaches 67% of U.S. residents aged 18 or older each month across the venues measured and delivers a fairly representative cross-section of consumers. Of those who recall seeing digital out-of-home displays in the past month, 76% noticed seeing them at multiple venues.  This new medium delivers compelling and relevant messages to consumers throughout their day where they work, shop and play.

Digital billboards are "The Wave Of The Future".  Click on the "Advertise Today" button, to view and choose your ad type and layout.  We'll email you your simple advertising agreement and you're on your way.  



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