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Content creation is one of the most important marketing tools. The 30 Second Ads content creation experts will help you engage your audience and create effective content to help you generate more sales. 


Your network is the nervous system of your digital  signage  infrastruture. We monitor nationwide networks and networks nationwide for health, bandwidth, packets, errors and more.

30 Second Ads provides professional installation services. Our capabilities range from contractor supervision to complete turnkey installation on projects of all sizes. We work with our clients from the start of the project through commissioning to ensure a trouble-free installation that is within your budget.


Our cloud-based 30 Second Ads Content Management System (CMS) gives complete, secure and scalable control right from our custom user interface (UI).  30 Second Ads can easily create or access internet content then schedule the right playlists to the right places and time all remotely through the cloud

Comprehensive Service & Support

To ensure a successful and long-term business relationship 30 Second Ads places a high-priority on customer service, ongoing support, and professional services. 30 Second Ads support services are available to customers and in some situations 30 Second Ads will supply “named” support personnel to clients to ensure optimal support and two-way communications.


30 Second Ads Technical Support

30 Second Ads technical support services are available by fax, email and direct phone support. Core Support Services for problem solving (emergency support) and general email / phone support include “no charge” technical support for problem reports and issues resolution (phone/email).


30 Second Ads Professional Services

30 Second Ads offers extended Professional Services customers to support their deployment, operations and product teams. These services include but are not limited 

to the following: Engineering Services for custom development and modification of the broadcast portal, Installation Services for on-site deployment, support and equipment maintenance, Network Operation Services for network/signage monitoring alerts and corrective actions.


30 Second Ads Media Services

30 Second Ads offers a complete line of Enhanced and Creative Media Services to ensure that client networks and sub-networks are achieving a maximum return. Media 

Services from 30 Second Ads includes a number of pre-packaged and custom-based services. Pre-packaged services include news, weather, and other standard feeds and content. For custom projects Media Services produces custom flash, dynamic flash, static images and video-based content.


30 Second Ads Training Services

30 Second Ads provides a comprehensive support package for training internal network operation, support organizations and front-line service teams. 30 Second Ads provides initial training services via webinars and in-person sessions to jump-start internal organizations in the following areas: Operation of the 30 Second Ads Portal, Technical Support Training (“Train the Trainer”) to field end-user calls and emails, Operations Management and Training Support. 



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