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Our cloud-based 30 Second Ads Content Management System (CMS) gives complete, secure and scalable control right from our custom user interface (UI).  30 Second Ads can easily create or access internet content then schedule the right playlists to the right places and time all remotely through the cloud


30 Second Ads CMS (Content Management System) enables us to control and manage a display network of a few screens or thousands;  all with a few simple mouse clicks. The 30 Second Ads Video Presence takes customer service to a whole new level with innovative viewer engagement and remote personal service capabilities.   Combined with our CMS system, 30 Second Ads Video Presence delivers a breakthrough in customer service and relationship management through an intelligent video call-routing system.  Viewers can talk directly to an on-demand expert “in the cloud” through a live, 2-way, face-to-face conversation


The 30 Second Ads System is a new media delivery and management system that gives us complete control over the messages delivered across our digital signage network. 30 Second Ads delivers relevant content to the right place at the right time, quickly, easily, and securely.  Linked to a mature, robust solution running hundreds of digital signage networks every day the 30 Second Ads System gives us ultimate control over point of sale, point of wait, point of work, or point of transit communications.


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