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Local Editing

With 30 Second Ads unique application architecture, all media clips are rendered locally. This allows us to create, edit and manage media via Enterprise or at the location. 

Flexible Template Community and Custom Designs

Our professionally designed templates allow us to create quality content in a timely manner. Our Template Community provides hundreds of templates to choose from, providing you with countless designs options.  We also offer a full suite of custom options to fit all different business needs

Scheduling and Management

Playlists and media content can be scheduled to play at specific times of day, days of the week, or time of the year to reach your target audience. Schedules can be stacked to produce complex playback timetables.

User Management and Security Levels

An unlimited number of user accounts can be created on the system each with specifically assigned permissions. The 30 Second Ads security system allows for granular access to the interface.

Built-in Photo Editor

We can resize, crop, sharpen, add overlaying text, and apply filters to your photos with the integrated 30 Second Ads Photo Editor. No external photo editing software is needed!

Simple Browser Based Interface

Our sleek web Interface allows us to easily manage content from any web browser. 

Video Integration

Integrate Text Messages, Photos, TV, Video, and RSS News Feeds. 30 Second Ads supports a variety of dynamic content sources to bring life to your advertisements and capture the attention of your audience.

Reporting and Proof of Playback

The reporting module provides a detailed list of playback timestamps for each ad, providing the information you need for invoicing and content tracking.

Display Support and Aspect Ratios

30 Second Ads supports widescreen 16:9 mode, Standard 4:3 mode, and Vertical 9:16 poster mode for all display types.

Export and Backup

30 Second Ads allows us to import and export your playlists to and from location.

Seamless Content Updates

Updating your content is instant and seamless. Any updates made to the playlist content are rendered instantly, and playback is never interrupted.

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