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This innovative promotional digital marketing and advertising medium is quickly penetrating local markets across the globe. 


Whatever you call it: Retail TV, Electronic Billboards, Dynamic Digital Signage, Narrowcasting, Electronic Display Networks, Digital In-Store Merchandising, Out-of-Home Media Networks, Employee TV, Captive Audience Networks, or Digital Media Networks.  DIGITAL IS HERE TO STAY!             


In-store promotional displays provide our customers with the opportunity to convey targeted, impactful promotions at the point-of-purchase, driving incremental sales and profitability, thus increasing basket lift. 


The 30 Second Ads digital signage solution helps to generate increased sales lift through attractive, attention-grabbing promotions at the point-of-purchase. 


A byproduct of digital signage is improved inventory management, which is achieved by driving sales of identified, low turn-over products, featuring higher margin menu items and combination meals to increase profitability, promoting seasonal and limited time only offerings, and capitalizing on cross-promotional opportunities and vendor-sponsored advertising content.



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