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30 Second Ads is a leading provider of digital signage solutions, offering a full suite of products and services to a broad range of businesses and institutions (Venues) across the United States. Digital signage media – including general content messaging (menu boards and informational displays), promotions and advertising – is a highly impactful, cost-effective medium to present and market your business.


Strategically placed in a multiplicity of Venue categories, the 30 Second Ads digital signage offering enables you to captivate and target your customers with a visually appealing, versatile and state-of-the-art messaging platform.  Our value proposition is simple, yet powerful – enhance your customer experience with engaging information and advertising, strengthen your brand, and increase sales and profitability.


As a full-service provider, 30 Second Ads offers an end-to-end digital signage solution.  We provide value-enhancing products to meet your business objectives, complemented by comprehensive content management services, equipment procurement and installation, network monitoring and network maintenance services.

30 Second Ads places billboards in high traffic sites that have sitting and/or waiting areas.  We display static and  video advertisements on these commercial monitors in the form of full screen static and video ads. 

These silent, very dynamic video ads are typically in the form of up to 3-5 different frames with pictures, logos, and bullets that move and/or fade in and out.

Our digital signs typically range from 40" - 60" in size (with custom sizes and configurations available upon request)  and are used exclusively for advertising all day long.  


Our programs have very quickly become an extremely popular and effective form of advertising for local, regional and national businesses.  They aggressively and effiectively brand your company name and logo.


On a daily basis, we are able to target specific geographic markets and demographic targets.  Reaching them at the most oportune time every day of the year at price points that are practical and more affordable than other mediums. 

Our simple pricing matrix makes it easy for advertisers by making sure their cost is kept low and the impression value is kept high.   Our methedologies are grounded in cost per thousand (CPM) metrics. However, for simplicity purposes, we convert our rate card back to a fixed cost metric, so as to better clarify and quantify campaign costs.


30 Second Ads promotes equality of distributed airtime as it relates to cost.  This removes “ ad ranking”  and promotes success and equality throughout the network for all our clients.


Research shows digital signage is more memorable.  The latest news making the rounds is from research firm OTX, which released some findings from their study of digital signage as an advertising medium. The report, sponsored by network aggregation firm SeeSaw Networks, suggests that ads on digital signs are not only more eye-catching and unique, but also more interesting, more entertaining and less annoying than ads shown on virtually any other medium.



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