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The distinct User-Interface and Content Creation capabilities of the 30 Second Ads Platform have made it the solution of choice across all industry verticals. Below is a list of active 30 Second Ads Solutions.


Showcase the latest rate changes daily. Also give patrons waiting in line a chance to see the new offers available at their branch.

Digital Signage replaces the need for static rate boards which must be changed manually each day.



Some of the most popular uses for recreational digital signage are found in arenas, cinemas and health clubs.

Arenas can display schedules of upcoming events.  Cinemas can stream trailers of upcoming movies to patrons in the lobby area, or display visual eye candy to help promote snack and beverage sales. Health Clubs keep members up to date with latest news information as well as schedules for set class times.



Restaurants utilize 30 Second Ads to display fully animated menu boards, drink specials, hours of operation and more.

Hotels greet their guests with touch screen kiosks which allow for an interactive experience, while allowing advertising for local businesses to cater to traveling patrons.



Employers can now use digital signage to broadcast important messages and information to their staff.

30 Second Ads make's memos a thing of the past.  Setting up corporate messaging in each branch ensures that  the same message is going out to all locations.  



Local townships and city information centers can use 30 Second Ads to welcome new visitors.

30 Second Ads touch screen kiosks can faciliate a more interactive information display system.



Colleges, Universities, High Schools, and learning centers can use 30 Second ads Digital Signage to broadcast announcements to their students.

Informing students of upcoming events and educational information also help broadcast their message.



Using digital signage for retail locations such as malls, supermarkets, and beauty salons can help push products and showcase current & upcoming sales.

Suggestive purchasing has been proven to increase sales and allow you to target your audience with more enticing visuals as compared to other mediums.  Now with dynamically generated QR Codes, customers can interact with your messaging.



30 Second Ads powers local clinics, doctor's offices, as well as hospitals.

Waiting rooms can be used to educate patients on available procedures or simply supply news and information to lower the perceived wait times.  Nutritional plans and facts can help inform health care clients as well.



Airports and Bus Terminals:


30 Second Ads can interface with external XML feeds to allow full Flight information systems to be designed and displayed.  


Airport digital signage also gives vendors a great way to reach a new arriving audience each day.


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