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The 30 Second Ads state-of-the-art digital menu board solution brings 21st Century excitement to any restaurant. Merchandise offerings can be seamlessly integrated, enhanced and updated as needed, thereby constantly promoting and reinforcing brand loyalty.  These captivating and dynamic menus command attention and statistically produce increased sales (basket lift) for categories such as High-margin items and special offers.


Our menu boards can be customized, changed and updated in near real time with flawless execution.  30 Second Ads features an easy-to-use, scalable platform that allows us to manage displays in multiple locations, from across town to the other side of the world, all with one centralized system.


Our Digital Menu Board Soliution can: 


  • Promote New Products

  • Highlight Combos and High Margin Items

  • Switch Day-Part Menus Automatically

  • Enhance Branding




  • Configure any combination of horizontal and vertical displays

  • Control menu prices and promote new products for any Restaurant from one central location

  • Encourage impulse purchases at point of sale via eye-catching graphics

  • Overcome space and item change limitation of standard backlit boards

  • Easily incorporate into new builds or retro-fit into existing restaurants and commercial locaions





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