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Physical & Environmental Security:


The 30 Second Ads CMS (a secure, hosted SAAS-based application) includes protection from unauthorized access, theft, loss, and damage to business activities by incorporating a secure managed-hosting facility and use of redundant and hardened server cluster.  


Our managed hosting environment incorporates a variety of physical access and monitoring systems including: secure key-card access, CCTV monitoring of interior and exterior environments.  Protection and security of data, and continuous operations are ensured by: standby power from diesel generators, automated fire suppression systems, active fire/smoke/humidity monitoring, multi-gigabit, multi-homed bandwidth-to-tier1 internet security providers, instant fail-over protection on redundant traffic routing/switching, network health monitoring and alert system, tightly regulated logins, all SSL-based encrypted (SSH) administration, secure sockets on HTTPS portal web service to prevent login-snooping, strongest possible web server application (Apache SSL, MySQL, CentOS), current Linux-based secure server OS and scalable at N+2 capacity.

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