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Digital signage will create the “endless aisle,” offering complete product information “in-store”, making it easy for customers to view and react.  Interactive displays can deliver product information, social recommendations, and even access to a live expert on demand. Content can be tailored to customer demographics, time of day, day of week, geographical location, or other variables.


Customers have the ability to engage the network using any device and receive content that is personalized to their needs.  This is done by bringing the virtual experience into the store and providing seamless flexibility across multiple channels and devices.  


Department stores can target offers to mothers in the children’s department, feature the latest teen fashion lines in the teen department, or highlight new music releases in the music department. Stores can promote their own brand of cooking utensils during the week and/or feature a renowned chef’s food demonstration on high-traffic Saturdays.


Centralized control and customization make it easier to target content and correlate sales with that content to evaluate effectiveness. With digital signage, retailers can also quickly change content based on current events, breaking news, or an emergency.



Digital signage can complement current marketing and merchandising strategies to further enhance the shopping experience, build loyalty, and increase sales. According a Cisco study, over 40 percent of shoppers say that digital displays, such as video walls, can change what they buy. By using digital signage to provide relevant information to an audience near the point of purchase, retailers have generated higher brand awareness and sales uplift.



Whether you are promoting your own brand, or products from third-party brands, digital signage offers opportunities to reach customers directly at the retail level. Traditional media markets have fragmented into hundreds of cable and HD radio channels, consumer websites, blogs, print ads, sports and entertainment venues, mobile communications, and outdoor channels.


The range of media alternatives, combined with technologies such as DVRs, enable consumers to delete advertising from their media diets, making it difficult for advertisers to reach their audiences cost-effectively. Consequently, manufacturers, brands, and vendors are looking for new ways to market themselves. Digital signage offers another way for them to reach customers directly, closer to the actual “point of purchase” where they are most likely to spend!

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