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A Network Partner is a company utilizing tools provided by 30 Second Ads to promote their business, drive sales, increase income potential, and generate non-traditional revenues (NTR’s)


As a full-service provider, 30 Second Ads offers an end-to-end digital signage solution. We provide value-enhancing products to meet your business objectives, complemented by comprehensive content management services, equipment procurement and installation, network monitoring and network maintenance services.


Upon launch of your corporate network, your company will benefit in many ways.  You will share in the monthly revenues generated through the use of advertising and marketing tools grounded in analytics, and you will take advantage of advanced technology that will help you inform your customers while increasing sales opportunities by conveying targeted, impactful promotions at the point-of-purchase.  This will ultimately drive incremental sales and profitability.


This income is generated through advertisements placed by local, regional and national companies targeting specific demographics and your geographic area.  Businesses, professionals, foundations and local authorities advertise annually for a fee and you’ll benefit by sharing in those ad generated revenues.  It will also come in the form of “sales lift”.  Studies have now shown that proper use and implementation of digital and static signage ‘inside” your business will have a significant impact on sales.  Statistically speaking, average businesses will see a three (3) to seven (7) percent lift in sales within the first year following the implementation of this strategy.


There are a few things to know:


  • Becoming a Network Partner will give you the ability to take aim, and better target your ever expanding customer base

  • Co-op spending, translates to increased sales and better profit margins

  • Non-endemic (non-competing) businesses are looking to target specific and targeted demographics at your location


All of which create unique opportunities to increase revenues.


30 Second Ads offers unmatched flexibility in our working relationships with our partners.  By allowing you to either take advantage of the profits generated from your location (monthly residual payments) or you can take 2-for-1 advertising credits that can be used to advertise anywhere on our ever expanding network of billboards. 

Doing all this while at the same time reducing your carbon foot print and considering the gains of great technology.



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